Sharon B. 4 years ago
5 stars
I love living here and the staff is awesome! They are always smiling and so helpful. If you need maintenance, they are there in 24 hours or less. If there is an emergency, they are there immediately.
Jacquelyn G. 4 years ago
1 stars
My air conditioning wasn't working for over a week before they send out a portable air conditioning. My gate opener almost never works to enter to my own apartment complex.
Tamarrier W. 4 years ago
5 stars
Wonderful people, great staff, great area. I really felt welcomed here. This is the type of place where I feel you can have a family. It is calm and pretty peaceful.
Crystal W. 4 years ago
5 stars
My fiancé and I have just recently moved in and so far have been very happy with our stay. Sara in the office made our move in a complete breeze! She is amazing. All the residence have been friendly and we haven't had any problems with noise. I'm very pleased thus far and happy with our decision to move here.
Patricia V. 4 years ago
4 stars
Very decent grounds, application made on an easy interface that makes it very user friendly. Leasing agents are attentive on what you want and try their best to accommodate it.
Kentraya C. 4 years ago
3 stars
My family and I have been here since September 2015. Its has been okay living inside our home is nice and spacious. The only downside is we have rude inconsiderate neighbors upstairs and next doors. It reaks terribly just stepping outside my door makes me want to vomit flies swarm around in the hallways its disgusting. I love pets but there are just so many I have to keep my kids from playing in the grass cause it a pets porter potty. Overall great location close to a lot convenient shopping centers , eating places and activities.
Raeann O. 4 years ago
5 stars
Its been an ok yr here enjoyed our time. Know its time to say good bye but still staying with comp just going to different state but same comp. Looking forward to all the things they have to affer. Nice knowing the staff
Michael R. 4 years ago
4 stars
I have enjoyed my experience with kensington the only thing that bothers me is how the residents don't take care of there animal's waist correctly.
Brittany K. 4 years ago
5 stars
From the beginning of the application process the staff was very nice and professional. They communicated every step of the application process to the fullest extent.
Atiya W. 4 years ago
5 stars
It's been 1 week and I'm satisfied with the apartment. Nice location!!! Unit was cleaner than expected yet older than expected. Clean property, I feel safe walking to the laundry, mailbox, etc.