Lona C. 5 months ago
5 stars
Out back here It's nice and quiet I just love living here This is a good place for me I haven't been out and about so I don't know what's going on I can barely walk I have Excruciating pain Running down the back of my legs 17 days It's a wonder I'm not crazy I can't walk So I can't get out and see What's going on But I love living here
Eboney B. 5 months ago
4 stars
I’ve been living here for 3 years and have no complaints. The office staff and maintenance staff are amazing. My apartment is spacious and located near everything and I love that.
James F. 5 months ago
5 stars
Great experience living here, I love the updates to the community beautiful cation efforts and the office staff is friendly and has been extremely helpful during this difficult time when people are struggling with paying rent due to covid.
Kandra C. 5 months ago
4 stars
This is still a great place to live. I renewed my lease and am looking forward to another year here with the Kensington community. So far so good...I'll kelp you posted.
Katharine S. 5 months ago
3 stars
It has been a great experience in some respects. The maintenance crew is amazing and the office employees are nice. My best friend also loves in the complex.. However, it has been difficult to get the higher ups to deal with problems that affect our living standards. There is a guy living upstairs of us who has a dog that pees from the patio above onto our patio. We have reported it many times over the last year or so and nothing has been done to reprimand him. His dog has peed on my husband, and almost peed right on my 3 year old daughter. I am also 7 months pregnant and it smells like urine constantly out there because of it soaking into the wood of the balcony above us. It is a health hazard that no one has felt it necessary to deal with. We are paying over 1600/month to have this safety hazard always hanging over our heads.
Andre R. 5 months ago
3.5 stars
Nice apartments and nice faculty however, the apartments floor are creeky and there are tons of roaches. The first thing I saw when I first stepped into the apartment was a roach squashed against the wall.
Mohib Rahman M. 5 months ago
4 stars
Almost two years I am living in Kensington apartments. I am really happy because market is so close, school is so close and everything is close here. Apartments gated and secure and also a lot of parking for guests.
Felicia S. 5 months ago
2.5 stars
I love living here at Kensington. However my neighbors across the way make it hard for me to want to stay. I come home every day with diapers by my door or most nights them cussing and arguing. The community is great it’s the neighbors I wish I could change.
Tina P. 5 months ago
5 stars
I have enjoyed living at Kensington for seven years. My neighbors are all friendly and quiet, which I really appreciate. I like the convenience of the Luxor lockers for shipments. The office and maintenance staff members at Kensington are caring and professional. Overall I'm very happy at Kensington.
Bruce B. 5 months ago
4 stars
The Staff of Kensington are great. There have been issues but the staff is managing them well. It is very quite complex and my surroundings neighbors pleasant.