Athena 6 months ago
1 stars
If I could choose no stars that's what I would have done. I've lived in this complex since October 2016. When I moved here the former office staff was very nice, friendly, and helpful. They responded to you and tried to resolve the issues within 24-48 hours of you reaching out. The level of customer service and communication has really declined and almost doesn't exist anymore. I miss the way things used to be.
Keyshawnna 6 months ago
4.5 stars
Being here at the Kensintons is a nice experience. It's very quiet and neighbors are very friendly. I have honestly enjoyed these four years I have been here. And management can be a little difficult to get a hold of at times. But once you do they do their best to get their job done
Jack H.
Jack H. 6 months ago
2.5 stars
While not always the most pleasant experience, Kensington provides a fairly comfortable time while staying here. My only complaints would be of the water shutoffs as those seem to happen every couple of months. I'm lucky that I wake up early to use the shower before they get shut off, but I imagine for a lot of other people they might not be able to do that.
Richard M.
Richard M. 6 months ago
5 stars
Overall, I have enjoyed living at Kensington over the last five years. I would certainly recommend living here to anyone looking for an apartment in the Arden Arcade neighborhood. I wake up early in the morning and take a walk along the pathway that winds throughout our community. I pass a fellow resident and offer a cheerful hello. I pass by the swimming pool and think of taking a swim later in the day. Or, stopping by the gym. When you find you have maintenance issues, the crew usually gets to you in a timely manner. And when you need to stop by the office, you are met by a friendly staff. Alicia Collisson is the new manager. She is friendly and helpful. Jackie, the Assistant Manager, has been here since I've lived here. She has always been helpful with any issues that I have had. There is a new staff and I need to learn their names. But they are friendly and helpful. So, as I've stated before, I enjoy living at Kensington!
Mohammad 7 months ago
5 stars
I am very happy to leave with my beautiful family in Kingstone apartment in Kings Way and I love the people around and the staff are working here, thanks from Kingstone appointment. Mohammad Edris Sharoq
Randil 7 months ago
5 stars
Love to walk around the complex especially in the morning and it is so nice to see some cats. I think they are my bff now. I also love the fact that it's near stores, resto etc.
Michelle 7 months ago
5 stars
They are really starting to be the perfect apartment aside from the amount. They do so many wonderful activities with the residents here, its awesome. Not what you expect off of Watt Blvd
Zohal S.
Zohal S. 7 months ago
3 stars
It’s good for us we are happy from our residences .They are working hard to make it protect us you know it’s hard to control all people are deferent and our things get older in these years I would like to see them new many of my friends like the apartment but as they see my home got old and broken they get sad and turn their face.
Jabari 7 months ago
4 stars
i've been living here for five years now.... its crazy to think i could stay in one place for so long......i like how close it is to everything.......
Lona C.
Lona C. 7 months ago
5 stars
I've been trying to clean up in front so it looks better I just love it here nice and quiet back here nobody's selling drugs or anything that's good I'm sorry about yesterday I couldn't rate you because it wouldn't register I wasn't in a very good mood I just keep working out there and keeping it up nice thank you very much