Katharine 1 month ago
3.5 stars
We have lived here 3 years. We love the amenities. There are 3 pools and a gym. It is close to many stores, restaurants, a great elementary school for our children and also close to family.
Athena 2 months ago
5 stars
It's been getting better! Things got off to a rocky start with the new office staff. I'm almost at the point where I enjoy renting here again.
Jeanine 2 months ago
3.5 stars
Love the neighborhood and our neighbors. Close to our stores and other usual places. I do wish there was an email or something to use for complaints about office staff. Half the time they aren’t even there when you need them. They leave early a lot it seems like when they already have reduced hours compared to pre-pandemic. Also we only have 3 laundry rooms now and the one by use has been closed a while as work is being done. The other one closest to us had a machine overflow and made a mess of the floor. Apparently when my roommate complained he was told it wasn’t their job to clean it or have it cleaned but the job of Wash (the people who make & maintain our machines) which doesn’t seem right to me but it’s been like that awhile.
Keyshawnna 3 months ago
3.5 stars
It's very quiet and neighbors are friendly I enjoy the fact that they are community based and connect as much as possible. And it's close to my son's school
Mohammad 3 months ago
4.5 stars
We have been living for 7 years and we are really happy from people and niberhod of Kingstone apartments in Kings Way , thank you very much from Kingstone Appointment. Sharoq
Tina 3 months ago
5 stars
I have been a resident at Kensington for 3 years. For the most part I am satisfied with my stay here. In the 3 years I have seen staff members come and go. I feel that when I first moved in the staff cared about the residents but as staff has changed I am not sure that is the case anymore. Overall I’m still pleased with my decision to be a tenant here.
Tracy 3 months ago
3 stars
We’d like the layout of the apartment there has been a huge problem was homeless, and the office staff doesn’t respond in a timely matter. We also like the upkeep of the
Tevin 3 months ago
4 stars
The apartments are a very nice quality, there’s been a few things I haven’t gotten help with sadly, termites were something I had to deal with myself and I am still missing one of my fridges shelves. But all things considered I am happy with the apartments here. And would recommend it to people.
Randil 3 months ago
4 stars
I giving 4 because the homeless people is uncontrollable of making a mess outside the complex. But all in all my experience is good and our new neighbors are quiet.
Jeremiah 4 months ago
5 stars
The staff was very helpful and very nice. They were able to assist me technical areas that I didn't have much experience in. We got everything handled in a very speedy and efficient manner